Nestled in the heart of Jaipur, a city pulsating with vibrant traditions and modern charisma, resides Swati Vijayvargie - a luxury clothing brand steeped in nostalgia and emotional resonance. Our roots run deep into the rich cultural heritage of our hometown, drawing inspiration from its timeless charm, captivating art, and the delicate allure of florals.

Our founder, Swati Vijayvargia, infuses her own sentimental journey into each creation. She crafts clothing that serves as a bridge, linking the past's age-old art of clothes making to the present's contemporary fashion narrative. Each piece from our collections carries with it the echo of ancestral craftsmen, the touch of artistic ingenuity, and the scent of Jaipur's blossoming gardens.

We, at Swati Vijayvargia, strive to create more than just clothes. Our creations are stitched with memories, embroidered with dreams, and hemmed with emotion. They represent a journey - a journey from the vibrant streets of Jaipur to the global stage of high fashion.

Join us on this sentimental voyage, where we celebrate the beauty of Jaipur and honor the craftsmanship of our ancestors. Let our collections take you back in time, while simultaneously propelling you into the chic realms of modern fashion. Step into the world of Swati Vijayvargia - a world where nostalgia meets fashion, and sentiment meets style.


Inspired by designs that loop in the timeless, the nostalgic and the current, Swati Vijaivargie is a NIFT graduate who has worked briefly with Raghuvendra Rathore and Kavita Bhartiya before embarking on her own transcontinental journey.

Starting her venture with the business of home textiles and rugs, Swati celebrates the aesthetic sensibilities of the Indian Crafts. Exploring the different hues of our cultural diversity comes naturally to Swati. Fascinated by the different colours from our vast heritage, her collections take root in the divinity of the eternal.

Swati works with Artisan craftsmen like traditional dyers, printers, weavers and embroiderers which brings authenticity to her collections. She established "Swati Vijaivargie ", a contemporary ethnic women’s clothing brand in 2012 with her debut collection being featured at the Lakme Fashion week and then FDCI under this label.

Swati’s forte includes the art of thread-resist shibori patterns, screen block printing and creating surface textures using different tie-dye, printing and embroidery techniques, creating her own textiles.


A palimpsest of beauty in every creation.

An eternal flavour, we are born from a mix of contemporary, aesthetic and functional. Every ensemble is a representation of what we stand for. Clothes aren’t just an article, they tell a tale. She is inspired to continue this story, preserve our history and leave a mark on the world. Sentimental yet modern, the silhouettes enunciate the shifting impact of rhythm. She brings you everyday lived couture.


A mosaic of culture.

Effortlessly modern, her designs are made with equal parts luxury and equal parts love. They are eternal, elegant and etched with magnificence in every detail. Every outfit tells you a story of where they have come from. Every idea, every print, and every stitch comes together to showcase a reel of creation. Driven to create inclusive and interactive ensembles, her curation is designed to encourage timeless dressing with year-round appeal.

There is a "Swati Vijaivargie" for every occasion.