According to color psychology theories, brighter colors will tend to make you happier and cheerful as elucidated by experts, and we couldn't agree more with it. Our brand comes from a land where color is celebrated and plays a significant part in the celebration of seasons and events.

The onset of monsoon is a celebratory event in different parts of the country, especially in the northern region. Haryali Teej - which especially celebrates monsoon season's copiousness and the freshness that it brings in nature, replenishing the parched, barren land, and bringing vigor with the sound of water droplets.

Traditionally, one could capture the essence of Teej in brightly dressed women and a riot of colors in Jaipur's Teej procession. Since we are containing ourselves indoors, there is the least amount of motivation to celebrate. But in these times it is all the more important to come together as a family to celebrate.

With monsoon and celebration in focus, bright colors pop in our minds instantly. And we will take the liberty to suggest a palette of fetching colors to experiment with and bring a splash of joy.

" How wonderful Yellow is. It stands for the sun," as articulated by Vincent Van Gogh. A bright canary yellow is a versatile color beaming like the sunshine can keep doldrums at bay. The color itself brightens up any room and pairs well with a majority of colors like orange, red, blue, green, and purple. So, a yellow tunic or dress with an easy-breezy silhouette is a must-have for the season. The material is breathable and the comfiest choice for the humid weather. A stripes pattern or floral jaal fits for a fusion off-beat look that can be easily quirked up with boho accessories or mixing it with ethnic bottoms.

Another spunky color to add in your wardrobe is Chartreuse yellow or lime-green, a statement color per se. It is also a relieving color that is synonymous with the calming effect of nature. A lightly embellished kurta or skirt set is an apt choice for an intimate celebration with the family. A vibrant silk dupatta with shibori buta adds glistening grace to a monochromatic look.

Fuschia pink is our season's favorite pick, and it is also an essential festive color. The playfulness of this color is captivating against the gloomy grey clouds. One can easily experiment with a broad spectrum of colors in pastels and pop colors like turquoise and yellow to achieve a distinctive, cheerful look. 

Purple is a rarest of choice, which makes it special and stand-out as a color. Adorned by the royalties, this color can make you feel the most luxurious being without screaming too much. The flower print or shibori overlayed on purple silks feels light and effervescent in monsoon evenings.

Monsoon season becomes the underlying canvas to experiment and play with bright colors. These options give life to any wardrobe enhanced with rich embroideries, traditional techniques, and modern fusion silhouettes.

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