As the seasons transition and nature showcases its vibrant palette, Swati Vijayvargie proudly introduces the much-anticipated Gulmohar Collection, an ode to timeless grace and contemporary design.


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The Essence of Gulmohar

Taking inspiration from the beauty of nature, our new collection captures the essence of vibrant blossoms and the warmth of sunlit days. Each piece blends rich hues and intricate textures, reflecting our dedication to exquisite craftsmanship.

Spanning elegantly designed draped pieces to chic contemporary attire, our collection ensures a style for every fashion lover. Each thread, stitch, and motif mirrors our designers' dedication to capturing nature's essence. The assortment encompasses kurta pants, kaftans, lehengas, dresses, shararas, jumpsuits, and cape sets, oering a diverse array of choices.


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A Gift, Wrapped in Thoughtfulness

With Rakhi just around the corner, many are in search of the perfect gift that communicates love, warmth, and appreciation. What better way to express these emotions than by gifting a piece from the Gulmohar Collection? Beyond just a fashion statement, it’s a gesture that says, "I chose this especially for you."

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Discover Gulmohar

We invite you to explore the Gulmohar Collection, where tradition meets contemporary, and elegance meets style. As the festivities approach, let Swati Vijayvargie be a part of your cherished moments and memories.


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