Red: The Exotic Choice For The Festive Season

Red: The Exotic Choice For The Festive Season

It’s that time of the year again - your surroundings are about to get a romantic makeover. Because love is in the air and we are confessing our love for RED!

The color red holds its roots deep into the ocean of romance and roses. Being a dominant shade with its powerful and bold essence, one can steal the limelight by carrying the royal shades of red.

This festive season, Swati Vijiavargie brings a premium range of red charms. A surreal collection that narrates the tale of threads in the embroideries and power-play of prints. Styles that represent the touch of Indo-western look but also shadow our cultural ethnic wear for women.

Jhumki Kurta Set

A celebration of prints and patterns, this kurta set features classic yet comfortable silhouettes.

Mehak Kaftan

Bridging the route between traditional and contemporary silhouettes, this kaftan set will be a modish pick for the festive season.

Rani Cape and Dhoti Set

A beautiful play of stunning stripe prints and floral motifs, this cape and dhoti pant set is a must-have for the festive season.

Nandini Kurta Set

A melange of traditional butas, beads, and borders, this kurta set features classic motifs inspired by our heritage.