Navrang: a spectacle of colors, emotions, celebration, and artful delight.

This collection is a timeless palette of colors and emotions around which we have spent a coon's age. Colors that come together in harmony with classy silhouettes and speak the language of celebration and memories.It is synonymous with India's festivities, expression, and the spirit of optimism. Let us welcome the festive season with the goddess of nauroop, nau rang, and Navrang.

Whenever we stroll through the streets of India, there is a unique sense of color play. The stunning colorful reflections of tinted glass in old forts and palaces and the fluttering odhanis in vibrant tie-dye when we walk through the old street markets fill the soul with inspiration and admiration. One can witness the festive vibe in the pacing beat of the markets brimming with all things glorious from where we find our inspiration to transform it into a tangible wearable emotion. 

Amidst the doldrums, the small festivities spark energy and verve. And, Navrang adds the quintessential colors to your wardrobe.


This collection is primarily made in cotton and silk blended fabrics,  silk organzas and adorned with hand marodi and antic sequins embroidery.The Marodi is a living heritage embroidery of our country. This traditional hand-embroidery gives the collection an artisanal delight. Marodi is hand embroidery which is done with hand twisted zari yarns put together to create interesting patterns. This yarn is applied in twisted loops with a cobbler stitch technique to create designs. The embroidery designs on Navrang are a combination of flowers and paisleys with delicate sequin details.


The cotton silk textile has been crushed to give texture to the garment, making it fun and adding another layer of interest. The garments' silhouettes take inspiration from tribal garments of Rajasthan men and women, especially Rabari men who belong to the pastoralists tribe of Rajasthan. Their traditional garment kedia and dhoti is the leitmotif of the silhouettes for this collection. Swati Vijaivargie has contemporized and transformed these traditional garments to make silhouettes for modern women. The arches of medieval structures in Jaipur inspired the jewel-colored silk organza dupatta's edging, finished with embroidery and delicate sequins.

 With the onset of the festive season, let us welcome new colors with new zeal.

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