As Lakme Fashion Week unfurled its canvas of style and innovation, Swati Vijaivargie took center stage with a collection that was a heartfelt ode to the festivity of Indian culture. Our latest collection, 'Gulaal', is a celebration of colors, embodies the profound essence of India’s artisanal heritage and values. Every piece in the collection narrates a tale woven with vibrant hues, intricate motifs, and the heartbeat of India’s diverse culture, architecture, and natural beauty. These aren’t just garments, they’re living tapestries that inspire wearers to embrace and celebrate their unique journeys.

The Star of the Show: Parul Gulati

Actress Parul Gulati made a breathtaking entry in our signature ‘Gulal Urmi Lehenga Set’. The outfit, rich in colors and intricate designs, perfectly captured the essence of festive and wedding seasons.

A Nod to Tradition with a Modern Twist

The collection is your dream come true for luxury party ready outfits. it's where tradition meets contemporary flair. ‘Gulaal’ comes from layers and layers of beautiful thoughts and deep inspiration from the crafts and Indian ethos. Each outfit represents: colors, motifs, soul, society, architecture, nature, and heritage.


Comfort Meets Style

Indian festivals are all about celebration, and the comfort and style of this collection are unmatched. The fabric, the prints are classic yet contemporary,” says Parul, highlighting the collection’s appeal.

Appreciating the non-itchy, comfortable fabric that matched her personal style. The beautiful and classic prints were a bonus!


Blast of Colors

Designer Swati Vijaivargie's vision for 'Gulaal' was a celebration of colors. Inspired by her Rajasthani roots, Swati incorporated vibrant colors on luxurious fabrics like silk and chanderi, adorned with exquisite embroidery and prints. Her heart painted on these fabrics. Being from Rajasthan, her soul is colored in hues of joy and she pour that love into their designs.


Craftsmanship at Its Best

Each piece in the collection showcases the meticulous craftsmanship, with a focus on embroidery and prints that pay homage to traditional Indian artistry while appealing to modern tastes.


Versatility Galore

Whether it's making an entrance at a wedding or celebrating the festivities, 'Gulaal' offers versatility that ensures you’re always the extravagant-dressed person in the room.

Gulaal' embraces the vivid array of colors that interlace within the very essence of Indian existence. Drawing inspiration from the diverse and colorful tapestry of India's landscapes and traditions, the collection comes to life.


Sustainability in Fashion

Our brand is committed to sustainability, ensuring that every outfit from the 'Gulaal' collection not only looks good but feels good in terms of ethical fashion choices.

In  Conclusion

Swati Vijaivargie's 'Gulaal' at the Lakme Fashion Week was more than just a fashion showcase; it was a narrative woven with the threads of tradition, color, and innovation. Parul Gulati, in our show-stopping ensemble, was a beacon of this philosophy, proving that one can be festive ready while being comfortably stylish. As we look towards the future, our brand remains dedicated to creating pieces that celebrate the rich heritage of Indian culture with a quirky and contemporary edge. 'Gulaal' is not just a collection; it's an invitation to embrace your unique style and make every celebration a moment to remember.

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