Our confinement to indoors has brought major reforms in our lifestyle and wardrobe. The ongoing time has led us to think about our lifestyle choices on a conscious level. We have trained our mind to always look for hope and find joy in simpler things. Mindful shopping decisions are a part of a new self-discovery, where we dress to express, narrate our story, and to celebrate us as individuals. The paradigm has changed as we adapt to new lifestyle at home. Convenient essentials has taken over clutter, we suggest these stay-in styles for a modern functional wardrobe.

Tunics Dresses
Tunics are versatile for lounging around and even for online work sessions. We love its fluid nature of translating into many styles. A tunic is an essential wardrobe choice whether you stay in or out.  And there is plethora of options to style it, team it with a pair of bottoms or no bottoms, they look chic either way.
Kurta Set
A classic kurta set is a must have for stay-in ethnic wear. An easy breezy kurta with pants carries you throughout the day without weighing you down. You can pick your choice of bottoms to team up; for an indie-boho look opt for dhoti pants or straight pants for a more comfy relaxed routine.

Cape dresses

Capes that can be doubled up as dresses should make way into your functional wardrobe. Perfect for intimate sundowners and family soire`e s, they are easy-to-style and look uber cool paired with sneakers.


These are some of the must-haves to refresh your stay-in wardrobe.

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